Palestinians ask Red Cross to intervene in hunger strike

Posted April 21, 2017

The prisoners are demanding improved conditions such as the installation of pay phones in all prison wings, as well as allowing more frequent family visits. Due to security procedures, crossing the many checkpoints dividing Palestinian territories and Israel is not easy, or is refused altogether.

"They are terrorists and incarcerated murderers who are getting what they deserve".

'If their demands are not met, more prisoners will join the strike, ' he said.

Israeli and Palestinian media reports said Barghouti had been moved from the prison where he was being held in central Israel to another in the north and was isolated from other prisoners. The demands have been heard before, but Barghouti's backing have given them new weight and worldwide attention, prompting many analysts to question the controversial leader's true motivations behind his involvement.

The strike was called by Marwan Barghouti-a 58-year-old prominent member of Fatah who led the first and the second intifada and is now serving five life sentences for murder.

He has been placed in solitary confinement for calling the strike, now in its third day. His strike was announced in a controversial op-ed for the New York Times, where he accused Israel of torture. Barghouti's document explains his reasons behind the protest. We are happy that they are on strike.

A group of Israeli settlers on Thursday noon have held a barbecue party outside Ofer prison, west of Ramallah, in response to the collective hunger strike lead by 1,500 Palestinian prisoners. Israel denies that Palestinian inmates are mistreated. Plainly, though, he was convicted of murdering ordinary Israeli citizens, not making speeches. "They were brought to justice and are treated properly under worldwide law".

Many others have been separated into different cell blocks away from the rest of the prisons' populations. The prison service did not confirm Mr Qarage's figure.

The detainees' political action comes at a critical time for Israel, which will witness the 50th anniversary of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip occupation in June.

The men said they hoped the smell of the grilled meat would increase the suffering of the detainees who launched a hunger strike this week, a reporter at the scene said.

The original article included a bio describing Barghouti only as "a Palestinian leader and parliamentarian", conspicuously omitting his terrorist past. Despite being behind bars for the last decade, the controversial leader has continued to be seen as a national symbol of pride and is regularly considered one of the most popular leaders among Palestinians. Abbas is 82 years old and professes to have no interest in prolonging his term in office which actually ended five years ago. Speaking exclusively to VICE News, Barghouti's son Qassam was emphatic that his father is leading the strike in order to help his fellow prisoners.