Microsoft Confirms Specs And Price Of New Surface Pro

Posted May 24, 2017

There are a lot of nice additions to the Surface Pro, and it feels in many ways a culmination of the best elements from all of Microsoft's Surface devices.

The highly anticipated Microsoft device will be a refresh of last year's Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Microsoft is also introducing a "digital pencil case", which acts as a gallery for your favorite pens, pencils, and highlighters.

Tech giant Microsoft announced the latest version of its popular Surface Pro laptop today, some 18 months after it released the Surface Pro 4. These days, Apple Inc.'s iPad Pro supports similar accessories.

Living up to the hype surround the event, Microsoft launched the Surface Pro.

Microsoft is making the announcement in China, a reflection of the company's expectations of growth there.

Microsoft has yet again not put a USB Type-C port, something which is creeping into nearly every new laptop and PC. A keyboard cover turns the tablet into a laptop.

It doesn't seem like a massive difference at first glance, but Microsoft says it contains over 800 new parts and that they've used 99% of the space inside the design. Before, the kickstand was limited to just two angles. Surface sales have been struggling, and the company's revenue from the line fell 26 percent in the most recent quarter.

This makes it certain that the Galaxy Book won't be a joke on the performance front.

Jan Dawson, chief analyst at Jackdaw Research, expects the new Surface will help revive sales.

While the Surface Pro's specs have been upgraded across the board, including the newest 7th-generation Intel processors, the biggest single upgrade is the battery life.

Called simply Surface Pro, the tablet is a beautifully crafted device that's the thinnest and fastest produced so far. The company explained that the app offers not only two-way inking, but also "geometry recognition, table conversion, and automatic table shading", as well as exclusive capabilities for Office 365 subscribers.

Microsoft will sell the stylus separately for $100. The new-and-improved Surface, billed by Microsoft as "the most versatile laptop", will launch on June 15 starting at $799. The new processor is not only more powerful, but also slightly more efficient.

The device, which weighs 770g (1.69lb) and has a 31cm (12.3in) screen, will cost from $799 in the USA and £799 in the UK.