To many Americans, Memorial Day has lost its meaning

Posted May 31, 2017

Firing their muskets, the 79th New York Highlanders spearheaded the ceremony with a march and music to highlight the importance of this day.

President Donald Trump has proclaimed Memorial Day as a Day of Prayer for Permanent Peace with the governor's of the 50 states following his lead so that American and state flags will be flying at half-staff from 8 a.m. until noon, then returning to full-staff. This tradition continued until, finally, in 1971, Memorial Day became a recognized federal holiday. On Memorial Day, we remember more than 2.1 million of our brothers and sisters who died bravely in USA wars and conflicts the past 241 years.

For many Americans, this is a very patriotic day. Their graves were decorated with flowers as people prayed. Let us be united in honoring those for whom Memorial Day was created. It hosted an annual community-wide event decorating soldiers graves. "I$3 thank those that view Memorial Day as more than a time off to go to the lake". Those veterans served from as far back as the Revolutionary War to the Korean War.

The official history of Memorial Day began in 1868, when May 30 was established as Decoration Day.

"It's a celebration of life, life that's gone, and you've got to remember these people", said Hughes. "I'd give her hundreds, like I do for everybody else", she said.

And in turn, the veterans feel the support.

Army veteran Kevin Alkins said "It's a family thing, my grandpa served, my dad served, and I served and my grandchildren are serving". It's not about the picnics. Instead, love that these men and women loved your country enough to put it ahead of their own lives. Memorial Day comes with a price.

This difference is one of the reasons local father and Chief Petty Officer Michael Larson made a decision to take his family to the Jacksonville National Cemetery for the annual Memorial Day Service.

The Georgia Veterans Memorial Cemetery held a ceremony Monday morning to honor those who died in combat. Members of the Worcester Marine Corps League detachment 144 fired rifles before a wreath was placed in front of the memorial.