Theresa May puts 'promise of Brexit' at heart of pitch to voters

Posted June 02, 2017

Well, the difference is multifold and each layer plays straight into the hands of Jeremy Corbyn and his band of Marxists from yesteryear, who have managed to rebranded the Labour Party and possibly become the poster boys of legendary comebacks.

The elderly vote helped swing that referendum 52 to 48 percent in favour of Brexit.

Mr Corbyn took questions from national newspaper reporters selected by Ms Thornberry but the YA was told he was not giving any formal interviews. There are a lot of homeless, kids on drugs. "Many experts", says Labour's leader, "including professionals in our intelligence and security services, have pointed to the connections between wars our government has supported or fought in other countries, such as Libya, and terrorism here at home".

The Conservatives enjoyed a 20-point lead at the start of the campaign but this has now fallen into single figures.

But that has narrowed in recent polls to just a few points, although the Conservatives are still ahead.

"Younger generations remain the big losers when it comes to tax and benefit changes planned", said Laura Gardiner, senior policy analyst at the Resolution Foundation, according to the Independent.

She added that Labour in Wales was "airbrushing" Mr Corbyn out of its campaign and pleaded with voters to give her a mandate to represent the Welsh.

Prime Minister Theresa May was criticised for not appearing on the BBC debate.

But the only way to have the money to invest, she said, is through having a strong economy "which does sometimes mean making hard choices, those sorts of choices no other party here is prepared to face up to".

Theresa May will today urge voters to "have faith" in her to secure a good Brexit deal for Britain, as she attempts to shake off criticism of her decision not to take part in last night's debate.

Unless Labour is prepared to nudge the Bank Of England to use the nuclear option of just printing money, there is little to no hope of him being able to deliver on his spending promises.

"We have cut the deficit, we have reduced taxes for the lowest paid and we have made sure that we have continued to invest in the NHS, which is getting another £8 billion a year by the end of this parliament", she said.

Basildon, a town of 180,000 people in the county of Essex, is held by Conservative MP John Baron who won it from Labour in 2010.

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May's absence might not have been so glaring but for a last minute decision by Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn to attend the debate, having previously said he would also miss the encounter.

On Monday, Mr Corbyn threw Scottish Labour into turmoil after he said he would "open discussions" on another poll with the SNP if he won the keys to No 10 next week.

"A Britain beyond Brexit that is more global and outward-looking".

"The Conservatives' reckless approach has left us isolated and marginalised, increasing the chances of Britain crashing out of the European Union without a deal, which would be the worst possible outcome for Britain", he told a campaign event in Basildon. "It is the worst of all deals", he said.