UK Conservatives pledge no tax hike for top earners as vote nears

Posted June 05, 2017

Mr Johnson told the Press Association: "I thought it was really spine-chilling to hear Jeremy Corbyn announce that all Labour's support for our nuclear deterrent, all Labour's support for our Armed Forces was completely meaningless because when it came to the business of defending this country he wouldn't do it". I think they understand.

"We will fund the security services to monitor people and protect them, but also our strategy is to bring communities together".

The Labour leader told a BBC TV audience there would be "no first use" of nuclear weapons on his watch, and several times dodged direct questions asking if he would use them in retaliation to a nuclear attack.

But in the weeks since - and particularly since the Manchester terror attack on May 22 - the Conservative Party's lead over its rival Labour Party has eroded dramatically and an electoral shock on June 8 now looks possible.

Quizzed on his party's record on anti-Semitism, Mr Corbyn claimed his party did not tolerate it and had suspended members including Ken Livingstone.

Some news outlets argued that the controversy had cost May 5 percentage points off her lead. But different polling methods have produced a dramatically wide range of forecasts - from May losing her majority in parliament to winning a landslide victory. Anthony Wells, director of the political and social research team works in YouGov's London office, conceded this in a blog post published Thursday.

At the beginning of the General Election campaign, the Tories seemed on course to win a majority of more than 100.

"These are not habitual voters, these are one-off voters".

"I want to make one thing very clear to Jeremy Corbyn and to you and it's that there can never, ever be an excuse for terrorism", she said. It won 7,862 votes there in 2015.

Mr Corbyn swung the election's focus onto the importance of tackling the "grossly imbalanced" economy, rather than the themes of leadership and Brexit favoured by the Tories. Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said "the remainder of this campaign must be a collective showing of defiance and pride in our democratic values".

Labour's manifesto launch might have motivated left-wing voters to take part in online polls, skewing the sample of those who voted Labour in 2015 toward people who will vote for it now.

There is no safe way to vote Labour, wherever you live. Some are following her to the Conservatives, but others can not bring themselves to abandon their roots.

University of Queensland political science lecturer Joff Lelliott told The New Daily the Conservatives will "still nearly certainly win the election", but it was unlikely they would now win with the huge majority of 100-150 seats that many initially predicted.

"I am also impressed by his willingness to talk about class issues...."

Labour has made the National Health Service (NHS) a central element of its election campaign, pledging to "reverse the privatisation" of the service and to increase spending on it by UKP 7.4 billion (8.45 billion euros, $9.53 billion), funded by tax increases of about ten percent on the country's wealthiest. In 41 seats, parties have stood aside to try to help a fellow "progressive alliance" candidate win. Labour swiftly dubbed the policy a "dementia tax", and the Conservatives were forced to make a U-turn on the policy.