New, Improve and Exciting Features You Need to Know

Posted June 07, 2017

It makes iPhone better than before.

The biggest announcement from this year's keynote event is the unveiling of Apple's long-rumoured smart speaker - HomePod.

For the most part, it seems the processor of the HomePod will be the same as that found in iPhones. Or if someone texts you about owing money, it will ask if you want to pay using Apple Pay. Needless to say, Siri would provide the AI backbone.

The HomePod will price at $349 approximately Rs. 22,454.

It will launch in Australia in December, before coming to the United Kingdom and USA at a unspecified date. This includes suggestions of Apple Pay using Siri whenever it detects discussion ofmoney being made by you. However, unlike previous rumors, the tablet features a home button but will have thinner bezels all round. Apple said that makes the Mac a great platform for developing virtual-reality "experiences", although the company didn't announce any consumer VR products.

The new iPad Pro 10.5 will replace the 9.7-inch tablet, lining up alongside the company's remaining 12.9-inch tablet. It will have a USB Type-C port and will have 10-hours of battery life. As a result, a slew of new features have been added to the upcoming version of iOS.

HomePod users may initially be constrained by Siri's lack of capabilities as compared to Alexa, which also boasts the ability to order millions of Amazon products as well as food from restaurants like Domino's.

iOS 11's Messages app will get a new update, which features an automatic synchronising of all your conversations across your iOS and macOS devices. The watch will also be able to communicate better with your gym equipment. Developers also got a bevy of notable software developer kits.

With iOS 11, Apple at the WWDC 2017 conference said that iOS 11 will being major updates to iPhones and also a monumental leap for the iPad. iOS 11 will bring a gamut of new changes and upgrades to Siri, iMessage, Apple Pay, Control Center, Maps, Camera, Files and Documents for iPad, Apples Pencil, App Store, Notes, and ARKit. The feature will automatically silence your notifications once it detects that you are in motion. You can also drag an app out of the dock and flick it into split-screen mode. One can opt for 512GB of maximum storage on the two devices.

The company also announced that Amazon Prime, the rival movie streaming service to Netflix, will now be available on Apple TV boxes.

Apple Music is also going to be more closely integrated with the watch, with automatic syncing for playlists. For that, you need an iMac, and Apple refreshed the lineup at the WWDC. The new MacBook delivers up to 20 per cent faster performance with new seventh-generation Intel processors, 1 and up to 50 per cent faster SSD storage. It's the top of the top, and will start at an astronomical $4999 when it launches in December.

The space gray all-in-one computer that's standing with pride has a 21-inch 5K display just like its predecessor 5K iMac.

The last operating system was unveiled in June 2016, and Apple is following the same pattern this year, as iOS 11 was recently released for developers, and a beta version will be available this summer.

As I understand it, augmented reality software helps us superimpose virtual images on physical objects.