Amazon executive says he's open to Siri on Amazon Echo

Posted June 10, 2017

As a music-playing device, it will also be a challenger to Sonos, whose wifi-controlled speakers are used by many smartphone users for home entertainment.

However, the star of the event was the HomePod.

Apple's smart speaker is similar to Amazon Alexa and Echo that have been key players in the market for quite some time.

A new Siri interface on the Apple Watch will also blend users' calendar information with other useful details, like airline tickets they may have booked, the company said. According to Apple, you can ask Siri to send messages, control smart home devices, and get updates on the news, sports, and weather.

More than 35 million people in the United States are predicted to use a voice-activated speaker at least once a month this year, according to research firm eMarketer. So Siri handles the same chores that Alexa and Google Assistant are in charge of for their respective smart speakers. Apple approaches voice interaction problems programmatically - Siri needs to be able to do X, so here are the ways you can tell it to do X. Google (and to a lesser extent Amazon) created a platform that actually understands context with machine learning.

The new product was unveiled during the company's Worldwide Developers Conference, where the company showcased some of the capabilities of the smart assistant, Mac World reports.

The device is less than 7-inch tall.

Apple Inc. introduced Monday a music speaker, its first hardware since Apple Watch was rolled out two years ago, at an annual gathering of software developers.

"It will reinvent home audio", said Apple CEO Tim Cook. The HomePod features seven tweeters and a 4-inch woofer that Apple suggests will provide sound that will "rock the house".

Moreover, this HomePod is more expensive as compared to Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Apple has a higher price point than its competitors. Apple says the sound quality will be second to none and that it features six microphones, which only listen to users when they say "Hey Siri".

Amazon's $179.99 Echo device offers tight integration with Amazon services like shopping and audiobooks, in addition to integrations with services such as Nest, Uber, Fitbit, Domino's and Pandora.