Apple unveils voice-activated, connected home speaker

Posted June 10, 2017

For Amazon, Apple's release of the HomePod could avert or delay the $10.0 billion in new revenue RBC Capital Markets analysts predicted it could tap from Alexa-related sales by 2020.

HomePod is backed by Apple Music, which contains a library of songs from over two million artists. Research firm eMarketer says than 35 million people in the USA are expected to use a voice-activated speaker at least once a month this year, more than double its estimate from last year. Apple's 'HomePod' is powered by its virtual assistant Siri and comes with the A8 microprocessor, the chip that backs the company's flagship devices- iPhone and iPad. It also responds to the iconic "Hey Siri" activation command phrase. As of now, neither the Echo nor the Google Home speakers can be considered top notch in terms of the quality of the sound they produce. By the same token, you can drive beefier speakers with a $50 Echo Dot, but Apple's solution is less cluttered and it offers whole-home audio support.

In 2015, Amazon made the decision to not carry Apple's or Google's streaming media devices on its website.

"We're open to that", Limp said, according to CNET. HomePod, Apple Music and Siri deliver the best music experience in the home that streams ad-free directly to HomePod.

As a smart speaker, it has full ability using Siri to control any HomeKit-connected device to control lights, scenes, temperature and more.

Apple said the speakers have "spatial awareness" that adjusts the speaker's sound levels to the acoustic conditions of the particular room.

At Apple's WorldWide Developer Conference, Apple launches HomePod- a smart home speaker.

Apple is expected to announce plans this week to make its Siri voice assistant work with a larger variety of apps, but initial changes were expected to add just a small number of capabilities.

Shipping of the HomePod will begin in December, to the United States, Britain and Australia.

Apple just revealed what it's been up to in software for the past year. and it's remarkably Google-y.

With or without the HomePod, smart speakers are becoming the next big thing in consumer gadgetry.