Microsoft Gave Us A Longer Look At Bioware's Anthem

Posted June 12, 2017

The teaser released along with it shows off the game's lovely fantasy environments and some Iron Man-inspired power suits. The same happened past year for the Xbox One when the console got the price cut before Microsoft revealed the Xbox One S. Unfortunately, it appears, the deal is applicable on the Xbox On S in the US.

During Microsoft's E3 2017 keynote in Los Angeles, California, the company spent a significant amount of time showing off BioWare's Edmonton's new IP, Anthem. We could see cooperative missions and loot collecting eating up time in between episodic story missions, which the teaser may hint at when we hear "the story doesn't end here, it's just the beginning". In fact, the game looks utterly lovely in general, with our first look at the world offering ample blue skies, rich foliage, floating islands and cascading waterfalls. To defend themselves from the outside world, Freelancers are equipped with Exo-Suits that are called Javelins. The game, codenamed Dylan by the beloved songwriter and singer who was recently awarded a Noble Prize, is the much hinted at Destiny like BioWare title, which was recently delayed to 2018 even though it wasn't official yet. There is no information yet on the rest of the game's mechanics, but it is said to be "built around a live service" that will have players constantly hooked to an ever evolving landscape.

This is, of course, just the early core gameplay of Anthem, meant to give a general idea of how portions of the game will play. It's there where we'll likely be getting the full idea of what the game is all about, how it compares to Mass Effect, and when we might expect it to release. The Javelins are totally customizable for your preferred look and play style and offer their wearer interesting abilities like flying around the open world and devastating special attacks in combat.

It is unknown if this will be a permanent price drop, but knowing Microsoft, we're betting that it is.