The Nintendo E3 2017 Spotlight's biggest announcements and games

Posted June 14, 2017

We got more footage from the upcoming Xenoblade entry for Nintendo Switch, bad British accents et al.

It has been 10 years since the release of Metroid Prime 3.

The biggest surprise was Rocket League - the multi-award winning auto football game that has a cult following - will arrive on the Switch this year. Oh, and we got that release date we've all been waiting for: 27 October.

Last but not least was the confirmation that there would be a new Metroid game and Yoshi would be getting its own stand-alone game for Nintendo Switch as well. One game due out in 2018 for the Nintendo Switch that was shown off was a brand new game starring Mario's green pal Yoshi.

The new Pokken Tournament DX will also be present at Nintendo's E3 event.

You are definitely going to want a Nintendo Switch now. Notably missing from the announcement though is Sony, who apparently would not agree to do cross-play with the other consoles due to hesitation around not having moderation control over users on other platforms.

Zelda was a giant franchise cornerstone for the Nintendo Switch, but there's one bigger. The legendary open-world adventure where you can be anyone and do anything, now allows you to play anywhere - at home on your TV or on the go. The first DLC pack, titled "Master Trials" will release on June 30.

Nintendo used their E3 Spotlight to share more information around Super Mario Odyssey - including an October release date. The few levels shown during Super Mario Odyssey's preview sported a remarkable amount of design variety that ranged from oddly realistic to colorful and freaky. Entitled as "Kirby", the new game and its features are shown off in a one minute and 21 second long package, which the game itself will be for the Nintendo Switch come 2018.

Alongside the launch of Super Mario Odyssey there will be a set of three new amiibo figures, Mario, Princess Peach and Bowser in their wedding outfits.