Conservatives lead, but Labour gains big in British election, exit polls show

Posted June 16, 2017

Except that she had not been honest about a snap election until the very last possible moment.

May is now expected to form a minority government with the support of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), a Northern Irish party with 10 members of Parliament, which is dedicated to keeping Northern Ireland as part of the United Kingdom.

Corbyn has vowed to finish what he started by getting rid of Theresa May within a matter of days.

Elmar Brok, a German conservative and the European Parliament's top Brexit expert, told the Ruhr Nachrichten newspaper talks would be complicated by May's formation of a minority government.

And over a cappucino he says it is time for Mrs May to wake up and smell the coffee.

"The cold hard fact is that if I lose just six seats, I will lose this election, and Jeremy Corbyn will be sitting down to negotiate with the presidents, prime ministers and chancellors of Europe", she had written on her Facebook page. This is still on.

After a midday audience with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, May spoke to reporters at 10 Downing Street.

May also promised that her government will "keep our nation safe and secure", after recent attacks in London and Manchester, by "cracking down on the ideology of Islamist extremism and all those who support it and giving the police and the authorities the powers they need to keep our country safe". "She's then got to present a programme to parliament", he said.

"If. the Conservative Party has won the most seats and probably the most votes, it will be incumbent on us to ensure that we have that period of stability and that is exactly what we will do".

"It is not the outcome any of us would have wanted in the Conservative Party". We know when they must end.

"I will never apologise for my view which is, yes of course you've got to inspire people, and we haven't done that well enough in the past. That's why I'm here".

After winning his own seat in north London, Mr Corbyn said Mrs May's attempt to win a bigger mandate had backfired.

The aftermath of the 1923 election has some key lessons for Conservative and Labour parties.

"We put forward our policies - strong and hopeful policies - and they've gained an wonderful response and traction", he said.

Until a coalition government is decided, May remains prime minister - unless she opts to resign.

May called the snap election to win a clear mandate for her plan to take Britain out of the EU's single market and customs union, so she could slash immigration.

"Well look what's happened".

He had annoyed many Conservatives who want a clean break with the European Union by stressing the need for a Brexit deal that allows companies to keep on hiring the migrant workers they need, and took the blame for a policy U-turn in March when he quickly dropped a plan to raise social security tax for self-employed workers.