Stanton, rookies battle for Home Run Derby glory

Posted July 12, 2017

Stanton's teammate, Justin Bour, threatened to upset Judge with a first-round showing of 22 homers. Just last season Sanchez was launching home run after home run, 20 in 53 games, including 19 in a remarkable 37-game stretch in August and September. He took the opportunity to lift the crowd on several occasions which saw the champion of past year and the favorite with Judge to win the competition, Giancarlo Stanton be eliminated in the initial round.

Gary Sanchez, Luis Severino and Aaron Judge, who spent much of their minor-league careers playing together, were sitting side by side by side on the track in leftfield at Marlins Park during media availability.

Sanchez didn't disappoint, however, putting on a power display that included a 483 foot home run off the window panel in left field past the stands.

Judging by all of the articles over the last couple of weeks, the theory that juiced baseballs have sparked the record number of home runs this season remains one of the hottest topics in baseball. This round was special because he notched home runs of 503 feet, 507 feet, and 513 feet.

Betances struck out Charlie Blackmon and Giancarlo Stanton but also allowed a single, two walks and threw two wild pitches. He was voted in by the fans to start for the American League in the All-Star Game.

With dozens of shots like those, it's safe to say that Judge, and this Home Run Derby as a whole, more than lived up to the hype.

Judge, the Yankees' right fielder and the No. 2 seed in the Derby, beat Minnesota Twins third baseman Miguel Sano, the fifth seed, 11-10 in the final. He's your 2017 Home Run Derby Champion.

Not only was Judge the first rookie to win the derby, he was also the first to appear in the finals.

On Monday night, Judge took part in his first Home Run Derby and put on a show that captivated a national audience. With the home crowed revving him up, Bour punctuated his effort with three bombs in the bonus period, which a player earned by hitting at least two homers that traveled 440 feet or more. However, once Judge hit 23 homers, the night belonged to him. Bellinger, hitting off his dad Clay (who played for the 1999-2001 Yankees), hit just 12 homers. "I would really like to get the back story".