Everything you want to know about Reliance Jio 4G Feature Phone

Posted July 21, 2017

The company believes the scheme offered with the JioPhone will make money and the entire business has a set internal target for reaching profits, the senior executive said. This phone aims to replace the existing 2G feature phones.

Are you eager to purchase the JioPhone?

As I confirmed in my previous article, JioPhone will be free. The company said this security amount is taken so as to avoid the misuse of a free product. This means, you can buy the phone at Rs 1500, which will be refunded after 3 years.

JioPhone, which is targetted at the 50 crore feature phone users in the country, will offer free voice calls and SMS to customers. Further, there will be two sachets, one with Rs 24 for two days and Rs 54 plan for a week.

"This breakthrough and revolutionary device named JioPhone, along with Jio's disruptive tariff, will unleash the power of digital life in the hands of 1.3 billion citizens of the largest democracy in the world", said Ambani. But, there is a fair usage policy. Users can access only up to 500MB (half a gigabyte) of high-speed Internet data daily when paying for the Rs. 153 plan. But, you will have to pay a sum of Rs. 1,500 at the time of pre-booking to get the phone. What does the Jio Phone offer? Here is the complete information regarding this phone.

In a big bang event held in Mumbai Ambani unveiled the Jio phone to customers all over India. The phone comes with a bunch of preloaded apps like Jio Music, Jio TV and Mann Ki Baat.

JioPhone comes with a 2.4-inch QVGA display and an alphanumeric keyboard.

This phone will respond to our voice commands, and it is the feature phone which is not present in the world till now. The device has very limited 4 GB internal memory but it can be expanded using a micro SD card, supporting up to 32 GB of storage.

JioPhone's launch may lead to a creation of a new segment of reinforced feature phones.

To view the content on television, users need to connect the TV cable with the JioPhone. But for using this feature, you will have to choose Rs. Rs. 309 per month plan. The Reliance JioPhone will begin sale on August 24th and the company plans to begin beta testing for the JioPhone on August 15, 2017.

The JioPhone booking will start soon. The availability will be served on first come first serve basis, from their established Jio stores. "I think other telecom players also have to move into services on data and not just on the telecom services", Agarwal said. Well, there is no better way to rejoice on the upcoming 70th Independence Day of India as some lucky users may get to test the handset for free.