Daniel Cormier Guarantees a Trilogy with Jon Jones After UFC 214

Posted July 29, 2017

The 30-year-old failed the drug test just 48 hours before his scheduled rematch with Cormier at UFC 200. Cormier has been talking up the theory that Jon has been on steroids for the majority of his UFC career, something that clearly irks Jones. He has all of the right physical attributes to be the pound-for-pound best - the flawless height to rule at light-heavy, as well as heavyweight at some point; reach surpassed by nobody on the UFC roster; a combination of confidence, charisma and killer instinct that makes for an athlete who can transcend the sport. However, Jones gave much better than he got and wore Cormier down for an easy decision.

But champion Cormier (19-1) - long taunted by fans because he has never beaten Jones - is having none of it. "I'm not going to tell you what I would do". The loss to Jones has always stood out when evaluating Cormier's place pound-for-pound. I definitely wouldn't try to wrestle with him the whole time.

"I look at Daniel as just a pawn in my story". "If you knew me and if you lived in Albuquerque and you saw all my relationships with people and the community and the way things are turning around for me, you would see things differently".

His Swiss opponent has a similar preference for a stand-up fight so this bout is unlikely to spend much time on the mat. Jones said that he would love to face Lesnar and called the matchup a massive draw, but noted that he didn't think Lesnar would take a fight against him. However, and in all fairness, Jones would certainly want (or need) time to prepare himself physically for a true 265 pounder like Lesnar.

Another exciting fight to keep your eye on is where two fan favorites, Donald Cerrone and Robbie Lawler, go head-to-head in what looks to be nearly a sure thing for fight of the night.

His rivalry with Cormier could come to at least a temporary pause on Saturday should he beat the current champion, but there are already a number of contenders waiting in the wings to challenge him next.

Both men have hit the headlines for the wrong reasons in recent months, with Lesnar still banned after failing a drugs test in the build-up to his win at UFC 200 over Mark Hunt just over a year ago. The event's main event was subsequently cancelled in disastrous fashion, leaving Dana White furious and fans wondering if they would ever get the chance to see these two foes throw down again. Cormier did a good job of playing the righteous older brother and talking down to the young champion, in a way that nobody had before, nearly disregarding how risky a fighter Jones was.

The "Super Samoan" said they were not far from the discovery phase and talk about a Lesnar comeback has only left him more determined to continue his fight outside the octagon.

"I think he's a f-kin' great guy". Not one fighter has been able to make the breakthrough into the elite to earn a title shot. Maia (25-6) has won seven fights in a row, doing an excellent job getting fights to the ground where he is one of the best in the world at the submission game.