Google Project Gives Away Thousands Of Total Solar Eclipse Glasses

Posted August 03, 2017

Only those along a narrow strip of land from OR to SC will experience a rare and spectacular total solar eclipse. In the days leading up to the eclipse, The Weather Channel will also air an "Official Countdown to The Total Solar Eclipse".

Lunar eclipses happen when the moon dips partially or fully into Earth's shadow.

The top circle, which is solid and features a subtle outer glow, represents the sun, while the thick circle with a border can be interpreted as the moon. But not all states will be able to feast their eyes on the full eclipse.

A statement from the American Astronomical Society on the subject follows below.

If you don't live in a city in the path of the total solar eclipse on August 21, it's time to start making your travel plans! Sunglasses (Rx or not; polarized or not) and smoked glass do not contain these layers and as such are NEVER safe for direct viewing of the sun. That's where the axis of the moon's dark shadow cone passes closest to the Earth's center. This is the first time that a path of totality has passed overt he lower 48 states since the late 1970s and the first time the path has crossed coast to coast since the early 1900s. We're here to debunk some common solar eclipse questions. These types of "eclipse glasses" have a thin layer of chromium or aluminum deposited on the surface that protect our eye from harmful infrared and visible light rays. Teachers can buy individual memberships to the service, but, as the founders tell me, many school districts now buy licenses for all of their teachers. Sky watchers throughout North America, for example, will see varying degrees of a partial solar eclipse, which is interesting and fun to watch but nothing terribly dramatic.

Make sure the glasses carry this rating: ISO 12312-2.

You won't need a telescope or any special gear to check out the meteor shower. "It just means that we have no knowledge of them or that we haven't convinced ourselves they're safe".

Have the manufacturer's name and address printed somewhere on the product. The projected image will be tiny but perfectly safe to view without filters.

If you're planning to take pictures during totality, you may want to rehearse in advance. And you know what else you'll see if you aren't careful?

If you want to see the eclipse through glasses, order or buy them now. As long as you have the filter over the telescope, you're good to go.

For those who love nature, you'll be hard pressed to find a better destination for the eclipse (or anything, for that matter). If that person is an amateur or professional astronomer - and astronomers have been handing out eclipse viewers like Halloween candy lately - they're nearly certainly ISO-compliant, because astronomers get their solar filters from sources they know and trust (in other words, from the ones listed on our reputable-vendors page).

The Colorado Optometric Association (COA) is the professional organization of optometrists in Colorado. The city of Cairo is practically in the eclipse track, lying only a few miles south of the edge of the moon's dark shadow, so it's possible for viewers to walk into totality! Keep in mind that the times presented here are in Universal Time, or UTC, and you'll need to convert them to your local time (

Buyers beware! Some vendors are selling counterfeit eclipse glasses that aren't certified. They can easily copy it onto counterfeit glasses. According to NASA, it is safe to view the eclipse during its brief totality, but partial eclipses can cause eye damage if viewed without a filter.

Not be used if they are older than three years, or have scratched or wrinkled lenses.