Samsung Unveils New Features for Galaxy S8

Posted August 24, 2017

In an interview ahead of Samsung's Galaxy Note phone launch, DJ Koh, the president of Samsung's mobile division, said a smart speaker is on the way. He, however, feels that the health care applications could help grow the smartwatch market. "Today's sensors do not look like enough".

He believes that if Samsung can release a smartwatch which can monitor everything health-related and provide the associated information the market would grow.

Samsung will be hoping consumers have forgotten the disaster of the last Note smartphone, which the company was forced to recall due to issues with the battery overheating. However, Samsung is yet to confirm the name.

Additionally, the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone would be packed with Samsung's own Bixby Voice Assistant to control your phone just by your voice. Previously with Samsung Galaxy S8, the company introduced 6 GB RAM variant but in Limited countries.

Bixby now recognizes U.S. English and Korean.

Samsung Unveils New Features for Galaxy S8
Samsung Unveils New Features for Galaxy S8

"It is too early to say whether important upcoming handset launches or the natural lifecycle of phones will reverse this trend."

Meanwhile, Evan Blass tweets about another smartwatch that Samsung is reportedly going to unveil very soon. This smartwatch will be the successor of the Fit 2 which was announced past year. A day back, noted leaker Evan Blass had spotted the Gear Fit2 Pro on the company's Malaysian site for a brief period of time. Likely we can predict the name of the watch as Samsung Galaxy Gear S4 Watch. The firm would be keen to rebuild the Note brand with its fresh addition to the legacy as this has been its strongest weapon to take down the competition.

Samsung could be aiming for an $800 price point with the 4GB Galaxy Note 8. This marks a momentous moment for the company post the poor exit of Note 7 a year ago. Considering that officially any revisions to the iPhone will go on Sale in India starting October, Samsung may get the upper hand by launching the Galaxy Note8 in September in India.

Other features include both a fingerprint scanner and iris authentication to unlock the device and LTE Cat 16 for up 1 Gbps speeds.