Nate Diaz Celebrates with Floyd Mayweather, Rips the UFC After the Fight

Posted August 29, 2017

Mayweather Sr snapped a parting jab at McGregor, who lost by stoppage in the 10th round of the historic bout at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Sunday - after weeks of verbal sparring between the pair.

McGregor, however, is a different story.

But even when taking into account the number of people who essentially stole the stream without paying, the even is estimated to have made somewhere in the neighborhood of $600 million.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. arrives in the ring before his super welterweight boxing match against Conor McGregor. The cheque is not bad", the Irishman laughed as he sipped his own "Notorius"-brand whiskey on the podium of the post-fight media conference".

"I was a little taken aback by the disrespect and disregard I was shown", McGregor said. But, Conor did land 10 or a dozen over the course of 10 rounds, which is actually more than most fighters land cleanly against Mayweather.

"We're incredibly disappointed by the technical difficulties that were experienced Saturday night, and we're working with our vendor NeuLion to assess exactly what happened", the UFC said in its statement.

"I want to thank all the fans from Ireland and all the fans around the world that came to this event", Mayweather said. "This was my last fight tonight".

Mayweather has sold fights better than anyone ever, and even if the product has rarely produced the promised thrills it hasn't stopped the masses from coming back. But if he reverts back to his defensive style, don't be surprised if McGregor, hardly a shy fighter, to also voice his disgust with it.

It didn't answer any significant questions about the merits of boxing compared to MMA, or indeed Mayweather compared to McGregor.

UFC President Dana White, however, was less enthused with the idea of McGregor's pursuing a boxing career.

The fight was delayed at least 30 minutes Saturday night "due to overwhelming traffic".

No matter what he decides, McGregor established himself as a major sports icon with his valiant defeat and world-class trash-talking.

"I'm young, I'm fresh and I'm ready", McGregor said.

"I was a little worn out", McGregor said after the fight. "I always have, and I always will".