'IT' Review: An Epic Horror Film That Will Scare a Generation

Posted September 06, 2017

But It goes by another name...a name that has become iconic in the annals of horror: Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Evoking childhood favorites like Stand By Me or Now and Then, the Losers Club is filled with characters who feel so real it makes your heart ache. I went out to dinner last night, and I'm now in a wheelchair because I had a stroke five years ago.

Why do you think people like having the bejesus scared out of them? That's why, for a long time, the members of The Losers Club don't tell each other what they've seen, and why it's all the more frightening when, surrounded by blood that only they can see, they no longer have the plausible deniability that maybe, just maybe, all of this trauma is a delusional manifestation of their deep-seated, but otherwise conventional psychological dread. "I felt that people were kind of nearly anxious to s**t all over whatever I was going to do here". Did you want to see a gang of bullies cutting a kid's stomach? That said, in its bones, IT is a horror movie and director Muschietti delivers, turning everyday basements and bathrooms into scenes of unimaginable horror as Pennywise discovers each kid's darkest fear and serves it up on a bloody platter. By the time the movie gives us a brief history lesson, we've already seen the monster numerous times and assume that any missing kid in Derry has been nabbed by Pennywise.

"By using the red balloon to represent fear of fire or fire itself, we are tapping into generating potential behaviour change through the use of emotions and protecting those we love the most - our family, pets and home".

Seth: Andy saw something in him that it took the rest of us an extra beat to see the way that Andy saw it. Let's hope that Muschietti can look to the book for guidance, or at least find a way to gracefully translate a climactic showdown in the Other Side to the big screen. Emotions are more powerful when you're a child because you're experiencing them for the first time.

If the film gods have any sense of justice, this movie will make enough to justify that sequel, because Muschietti's movie is so good that I wanted to see the next chapter immediately after the credits rolled on this one.

This is such an extreme character, so I needed to be fearless in how I approached it, and I could not hold back. "As soon as Andy would yell cut, I'd be on the ground, breathing heavily". Just as there's no denying that a series like Stranger Things wouldn't exist without King's It, there's also no question that Stranger Things informs the way that It paints its band of nerdy young misfits and the fears they carry around inside them.

Dan Callahan, TheWrap: "Once the characters have been set up, Muschietti is free to linger as much as he wants over certain set pieces, and the results are as scary as they should be".

A new adaptation of the Stephen King horror novel hits theaters on September 8, and this photo series will have you in the mood to go see the film-if you're into the freaking yourself out, that is. Seth and I are massive fans, and for us, getting his stamp of approval was extremely important, and we essentially did. "We caught so many lucky breaks on this movie", Grahame-Smith continues, "the way the scheduling worked out, it's 27 years since the mini-series came out, so it looks like we're geniuses... we cast the kid from Stranger Things (Finn Wolfhard who plays Richie) before Stranger Things..."

"There were no instructions". We're all here to root for these kids, many of whom have one or no parents (and most of whom would be better off on their own), as they marshal forces and literally drop themselves into Pennywise's pit of horror. A young girl is found dead amid the snow-bound peaks of an American Indian reservation in Wyoming.