Flight cancellations ahead of Hurricane Irma

Posted September 10, 2017

Torrential rains and winds of up to 150 miles per hour are expected to hit the Florida Keys by late Saturday, bringing potential surges with them, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Airport officials are encouraging passengers to check with their airline carrier concerning the status of flights, in addition to visiting the airport's web page at Tallahassee International Airport. Tickets listed on American Airlines listed one flight from Miami to Denver Friday for $596 with two seats left.

Most airlines were also offering waivers, like on Virgin America and Delta flights canceled in the next few days. Delta said it later spoke with Dow directly and resolved the issue.

But in the meantime, Spirit Airlines - which opened a $32 million hangar at Detroit Metropolitan Airport earlier this year - needed to maintain its flights.

Was it intentional price gouging, or supply and demand?

An agent from JetBlue told News 12 that they seem to be the only ones flying in and out of Florida from Westchester. Several flights from Chicago, New York and Boston were already sold out at the time of this article's publication.

JetBlue said it was capping ticket prices at $99 and $159, as well as waiving cancellation and fare difference fees for passengers evacuating from affected Florida cities in advance of the hurricane.

Three more college football games involving FBS teams from the state of Florida were canceled on Thursday, one day after Miami University announced it would not make its scheduled trip to Jonesboro to play Arkansas State.

Hurricane Irma is expected to rip through Florida's southern archipelago on Sunday morning as a Category 4 storm, the second-highest designation on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

"To the extent they have to close the Port of Miami or Port Everglades in Ft". "So happy I finally got on a plane I wasn't going to celebrate until it lifted off and when it did I said all the way here I said thank you God". As a result, local and state governments have taken steps to help Floridians comply with evacuation orders and save their lives, including suspending highway tolls statewide.

Airline computer systems automatically extract a premium from last-minute bookers, often business travelers who need to get somewhere at any price. The [algorithm] systems did what they were supposed to do. "My daughter is so scared she was willing to spend her savings to get me there".