Super Mario Odyssey will have a photo mode

Posted September 14, 2017

The Nintendo Direct conference gave fans an important look at the normally secretive company's plans over the next year or so.

The highly anticipated Super Mario Odyssey game will also be released on October 27.

◆ National Basketball Association 2K18 will launch on Switch on September 15. Finally, a special edition Super Mario Odyssey Switch console bundle was also announced, including special Mario Red coloured Joy-cons, launching on the same day as the game in Europe.

It is confirmed that, in the beginning, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for Nintendo Switch will not support mods. A free beta is coming to Switch, as well, but no firm date was announced. As soon as retailer start listing the Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Edition, the Tracker app will begin inventory tracking and notifies users about the availability on their smartphones. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will even change the way in which you first encounter your starter partner. But don't worry about the title, it's not yet done either. It hits December 1.

If you're a Switch owner and the influx of family friendly fare has had you itching to just pick up a virtual gun and unleash hell, rejoice!

Nintendo didn't forget about 3DS system owners. The Pokemon New 2DS XL releases November 3.

-Mario Party 100 mini-game compilation is coming to 3DS November 10th.

And of course, the games!

Their design pushes to a completely new direction, and their competitors, in turn, would have a hard time following them there.

Kirby: Battle Royale will bring online battles and different multiplayer modes to the world of Kirby on January 19.

Still, Nintendo got back up from that steep decline and made 2017 their year of their comeback. But here it is, in full, on the 3DS.

Nintendo's new console is about to get some shooters.

A new update for the Nintendo Switch Online app on iOS and Android devices is live and, according to Nintendo's description of the service, previous issues with voice chat have been fixed.

News that may not fit very well with some people. Suffice it to say, gamers have a fun packed quarter ahead of them and beyond.