Jennifer Lawrence explains motherhood is now less appealing because she is older

Posted September 19, 2017

National Review film critic Kyle Smith blasted the movie in his review, saying it might be "the vilest movie ever released by a major Hollywood studio" that will represent a "stain on the reputation" of Paramount Pictures. Perhaps anxious that his film would be misinterpreted, Aronofsky has agreed to a number of interviews since the film was released on Friday, describing some of the metaphors in detail (click at your own risk of spoilers).

One is the ending. Notable about the film is that it's star Dylan O'Brien's first movie appearance following the serious injury he sustained while shooting the newest Maze Runner movie. There, critical reaction was divisive, but one thing was universal: once you've seen mother!

Asked about the most hard shot she did and Matthew's long relationship with Darren, Jennifer replied, "The most hard we were doing was probably all the running up and down the stairs because everything was hand held". But it's important for people to understand the allegory we intended. There is a montage of the unusual house being restored after being burnt to a crisp.

Let's fast forward to the very end now. In that way it's a cautionary tale, because this giving woman is pushed and pushed and pushed and everything that she loves is taken from her that eventually she strikes back with apocalyptic consequences. "She's kind of in awe of this artist that she's married to that she loves". He asks for more from her, but she doesn't know what else she has to give.

Jennifer Lawrence: "When Ed Harris knocks on our door, that's the first time we have another character that is not Javier or me".

It fully earns its R18 rating, which I mean both as high praise and a quiet word of caution to anyone expecting a routine horror/psychological thriller/biblical allegory/Jennifer Lawrence star vehicle etc., etc. Folks, this is the real deal.

We knew mother! wasn't going to be embraced by the masses, but we thought the intriguing debate the movie was stirring up would at least be of some interest to a handful of curious fans.