IOS 11: 15 Hidden Features We Bet You Won't Know!

Posted September 21, 2017

So, Apple has released the latest operating system for iPhone and iPad. If you've already tried the beta, then you've probably experienced many of its secret features. But which ARKit games should you check out first without spending a dime? Here are six tips and tricks you need to learn right now.

You can finally edit control center. Especially the control center of the software has undergone an absolute makeover.

Control Centre went through the most drastic transformation.

Users can be assured that the Screen Recording feature has been successfully activated when a bar appears at the top of the screen.

While the basic controls you see are pretty simple, tapping on each icon brings up a bigger menu for that feature. Or the timer button, where a long press will pop up a slider that lets you start timers directly from the Control Center without opening the app. And yes, it will take advantage of your microphone on the device.

By default, the camera app on iPhones will now scan QR codes easily without you needing to do anything. More augmented reality apps are coming with new tools Apple is including with iOS 11.

App Dock allows you to display your favourite or most frequently used apps on a dock at the bottom of the screen for easy and direct access.

You can force quit any app by swiping up on it from the multitasking screen. When you are done, you can share the edited screenshot via mail, message and other apps. Let's hope that in future updates, Apple would make this process easier or indicate to users that their WiFi and Bluetooth is kept on for a good reason. Doing so on the brightness indicator gets you straight to Night Shift and more. Additionally, you can get access medical information and call 911 from the same screen.

So, if you really turn off your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, do it from the Settings tab! All it does is disconnect the connected device from your iPhone and iPad. This includes when you're using any apps or from any other screens, like the Home screen. Services like AirDrop, AirPlay, Handoff, Instant Hotspot, Apple Pencil, Apple Watch and Location Services are somehow depend upon these WiFi and Bluetooth features.

For some context of the possible consequences, security experts warn that users might not know that their Wi-Fi or Bluetooth features are still turned on even after toggling them via the Control Center.