McCain Announces Opposition To Obamacare Repeal Bill, Possibly Dooming It

Posted September 25, 2017

Unwilling to concede defeat on a bedrock GOP promise, President Donald Trump on Saturday tried to sway two Republican holdouts on the party's last-ditch health care hope while clawing at his nemesis who again has brought the "Obamacare" repeal-and-replace effort to the brink of failure.

In a dramatic late-night vote in July, McCain - who has cultivated a reputation as a "maverick" with an independent streak - voted no on a similar attempt by the GOP to reform health care.

The health care bill co-written by McCain's close friend, SC U.S. Sen.

Legislative budget analysts say the Republican health care bill would mean a first-year loss of $1.7 billion of funding for Arizona for the Medicaid eligibility expansion and the health exchange created under President Barack Obama's health law.

Still, when Tapper discussed analyses by groups such as the Brookings Institute suggesting millions would lose coverage under Graham-Cassidy, Collins said she expected the CBO to only reinforce those studies. Cornyn said would he support the bill as it now stands.

A Ducey tweet reacting to McCain's announcement Friday doesn't mention McCain but says the governor still supports the bill and encourages others to do the same.

In a statement on Friday, Mr McCain said such a bill demands extensive hearings, debate and amendment.

GETTABLE? Sen. John McCain of Arizona torpedoed the last Obamacare repeal bill after giving a speech denouncing the process.

Republicans hold a 52-48 majority in the Senate. Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Rand Paul, R-Ky., have already come out against the legislation, and Sen.

"It's very hard for me to envision a scenario where I would end up voting for this bill", the Maine Republican said on CNN's "State of the Union".

However, like Paul, he did not rule out supporting it, stating, "I want to be a 'yes, ' I want to get there because I think Obamacare is a disaster". "They're going to claw back that money from Republican states to give to Democrat states".

"I'm just not for block-granting Obamacare", Mr. Paul said, "and calling it a day".

Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberly Strassel warned that all manner of the state's federal sustenance could be in jeopardy if Murkowski votes against a health bill she has expressed reservations about. The bill seeks to allow the individual states to exercise more flexibility in how they handle federal health insurance by allotting block grants to those states. Susan Collins on Sunday said she found it "very difficult" to envision backing the bill. Paul has said he's a "no" and Collins said on CNN Sunday she finds it "very difficult" to see herself backing the bill. "7 years of Repeal & Replace and some Senators not there", he tweeted. But Republicans have been busy trying to buy off her vote, and White House sources still maintain that both senators could be flipped.

Cruz continued, "If you want prices to go down - Econ 101, you want prices to go down, you want more choices, more options, more competition, and prices fall", he said. Republicans have until September 30 to pass the bill on a party-line vote.