Moore defeats odd, secures GOP nomination in Senate race

Posted September 27, 2017

Pence's tweet comes a day after he rallied for unusual in Alabama. A McConnell-aligned super PAC spent millions of dollars to help the senator, who was appointed earlier this year to the seat vacated by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Moore smiled broadly Tuesday evening as he exchanged handshakes and hugs from supporters. His win comes at a critical time as Republican lawmakers in Washington struggle to unite around key legislative goals on health care and taxes.

Propelled by his support from evangelical voters, Moore led odd by about 25,000 votes in the crowded August primary and runoff polls have shown him leading or in a dead heat with unusual.

Roy Moore's reading of the Bible has long informed the way the former chief justice of Alabama interpreted the law, and it promises to continue to do so now that he has won the Alabama Republican primary. As of 8:30 p.m., Moore had 57.8 percent statewide compared to 42.2 percent for unusual. Moore, meanwhile, has reveled in casting himself as an outsider.

Alabama is one of the most rigidly conservative states in America, so Moore is the favourite to win the general election. Luther Strange, the preferred candidate of both President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Unusual said he takes "full responsibility" for his loss, and it isn't the president's fault. Strange's loss can only do more damage to the Trump/McConnell relationship.

Trump carried the state by a lopsided 62 percent to 34 percent, however, and while Republicans quietly grumble they may have to spend some money for Moore they're not yet that anxious that he could blow the race. But Trump's perceived electoral clout in a state where Republican voters adore him has not been impressive. But it will also highlight criticism from some on the right, including Sarah Palin, the former Governor of Alaska, who campaigned for Moore, that Trump hads fallen under the spell of the old-guard Republican establishment in Washington DC.

In a statement, Corker made clear he still has work to do. He refused and was booted from office in 2003 for defying a federal order.

Moore has been particularly vocal on LGBTQ issues ― saying in 2005 that "homosexual conduct should be illegal".

The strangeness of it all was amplified on Monday night, election eve, when two of the world's most pro-Trump heavyweights, Former Trump Senior Adviser Steve Bannon and Brexit leader Nigel Farage, flew in for a rally in support of Judge Moore, while Vice President Pence stumped for unusual.

A super PAC aligned with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky has pumped millions of dollars into the Alabama race on behalf of odd.

The Alabama Secretary of State on Tuesday said there were reports from polling locations of poll workers helping people who voted in the Democratic primary voting in the Republican on on Tuesday. Akin had been favored to win his race until he told an interviewer that pregnancy rarely occurs as a result of what he called "legitimate rape".

Odd also suggested in the closing hours of the campaign that Moore could be a liability in the general election.

Every registered voter can vote in the General election on Tuesday, December 12.

Odd was hurt by his association to former Governor Robert Bentley, who appointed him to Sessions's seat in February. Unusual was the state attorney general investigating then-Gov. In fact, Trump seemed to know little about the man he was campaigning for, apart from the fact that he is very tall.

Moore, propelled by evangelical voters, consolidated support from a number of anti-establishment forces, including the pro-Trump Great America Alliance and former White House strategist Steve Bannon, who spoke at a Monday rally. On Monday night, Breitbart boss Steve Bannon joined the candidate for a rally in Fairhope. Despite that endorsement, Trump told a crowd of rally attendees in Huntsville, Ala.

Moore hailed his win as a "conservative victory" for his state. Alabamians deserve better. They deserve an independent leader like Doug Jones as their next senator. "For the vice president and the president of the United States to come here on my behalf means more than I can possibly say".

Strange's supporters were late arrivals to the suburban Birmingham hotel, and many are quietly watching returns and suggesting that Moore's wide leads in many counties will be too much for unusual to overcome.

"I voted to send one of them away", said Caroline LaMothe, who voted in Prattville Tuesday morning.

Trump followed the historical precedent of endorsing incumbent Luther Strange last week, and it is a rebuke of his influence that the upstart candidate won instead.

Bannon said Moore's victory could embolden other grassroots challengers to try to unseat well-funded Republican incumbents in next year's congressional elections.

"I make my own decisions", said Jim Barber, a retired construction engineer who lives in Auburn and who voted for Moore. Moore has compared homosexuality to bestiality and called it "an inherent evil against which children must be protected".