Amazon's brand new Echo is smaller, sounds better and costs less

Posted September 28, 2017

"Google made a change today at around 3 pm", the company said.

The new Alexa-powered Echo is comparatively smaller than the original. It's also ready for Alexa and comes with an Alexa remote for just $69.99. The revised Echo is shorter and a little more rotund than the original model. Which means you are buying three Echo's for just $250 - that's only $70 more than the original Echo cost in the first place. However, this unit will feature improved Dolby sound and enhanced voice recognition. In lowering the price of the Echo, Amazon seems to be taking a similar approach with a device that features its voice-controlled assistant Alexa. It also can control other elements of a smart home, such as connected lights or thermostats. The Amazon Echo Plus will be available in white, black and silver.

Its small size makes it flawless for virtually any room in the house (not unlike the ultra-tiny $49 Echo Dot) and it borrows a few features from Amazon's only other screen-based Echo, the Echo Show.

When it comes to the world of smart speakers, Amazon has been leading the markets. This is basically a smart alarm clock which can make video calls. Sporting a 2.5-inch screen, the device can be used for video calling.

The Echo Connect is compatible with the Echo (1st Gen.), Echo (2nd Gen.), Echo Dot (1st Gen.), Echo Dot (2nd Gen.), Echo Show, Echo Spot, and Echo Plus. You connect it to your Wi-Fi network and phone jack or VoIP adapter, and set up the device through the Alexa app. The unit will be launched next quarter.

Amazon held a secret press event in Seattle today where they announced a series of new products.

Amazon is up 26.13% this year.

There's also a new API for Alexa-enabled gadgets as well as new Echo buttons that have Alexa that allow you to play trivia and games. The users will be able to ask for music based on genre, decade, mood, tempo, activity or even the lyrics if they can't remember the name of a song.

Along with the main Echo refreshes, Amazon will add two more Echo products to the series.