5 things we learned from Packers blowout win over Bears

Posted September 29, 2017

Unless the weather delay negatively affects the Packers, they should be able to roll to 3-1 on the year, while the Bears fumble to 1-3. Who will prevail? Will the Bears be able to overcome their awful record against Aaron Rodgers?

The Bears claimed their first win of the season with a 23-17 overtime win over the Steelers last Sunday while the Packers are coming off a close 24-27 win over the Bengals.

Glennon is averaging 5.75 yards per pass attempt - the very essence of small ball - ahead of only the Ravens' Joe Flacco.

Glennon finished 21-of-33 for 218 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions.

ESPN's Adam Schefter confirmed Rapoport's report, adding that the Packers aren't sure how long he'll be out.

On Thursday, the Bears will be going up against a Packers team missing several of its key offensive linemen, and that could be just the opportunity Floyd needs to jump start a season that has largely been lackluster to this point. Jordy Nelson caught two touchdown passes - including one on the play right after Adams was injured - and Randall Cobb returned from a chest injury to catch one touchdown pass.

Even with a makeshift offensive line, can Green Bay have some success with some medium-deep or fly patterns? He has many years of doing it, he has experience with the receivers and that brings a lot of challenges.

Sanders continued that Glennon was "effective" and "efficient" in the first half.

But then on second down, Glennon lifted his leg in the shotgun to start the delayed snap count and forgot what he had done, causing Cody Whitehair to snap the ball at him as Glennon was moving back to the line to audible, we assume, the ball went off his knee and the Packers had another takeaway.

Sipla has only missed two games - wins against the Houston Texans and Seattle Seahawks last December - because he was hospitalized after a stroke. Both have come from inside 50 yards. He's got a little to ponder the decision with the Bears now off until October 9, when they face the Minnesota Vikings.

The Packers are sticking with Ty Montgomery at running back, and he's struggling on the ground to start the season.

Justin Sipla hangs the certificate of the minority share he owns of the Green Bay Packers on the wall of his office instead of his Ph.D.in anatomical sciences.

The Green Bay Packers host their rivals the Chicago Bears tonight to kick off Week 4 at 1:25 GMT. Last week, Famous Jameis was downright bad in a 34-17 loss to the Vikings.

Quarterback isn't the only position failing the Bears right now.