Los Angeles Rams' odd uniform combination, explained

Posted October 01, 2017

The Dallas Cowboys will be a little shorthanded on the defensive side of the football when the heralded NFC East franchise takes on the Los Angeles Rams in Week 4.

Even if the Rams take the right approach on offense and defense, an upset of the Cowboys on the road appears hard. His yards-per-game has improved dramatically from a year ago, jumping from 55.3 to 80.3.

As I wrote in the opening, the Rams and Cowboys are old playoff foes.

The Dallas Cowboys are 8-0 at home. Let's take a look.

We know that the Cowboys are feeling their way through how teams are adjusting to playing them. Until then, we'll probably see this combination for a few more years, unfortunately. That's because Los Angeles is wearing its navy uniform combination, which has been a fixture for several years.

The Cowboys offense will physically wear down the Rams defense throughout the game, controlling the clock and keeping the Dallas defense fresh. Off a 42-17 loss to the Denver Broncos one week earlier, the team played well. That over/under is intriguing and we feel it's ripe for the taking.

When asked on Wednesday what makes the offense run so efficiently, Woods said, "everything" - alluding to the team's ability to combine the passing game with the ground game along with their consistency in first-down situations.

CB Nolan Carroll is there... but at this point, does it even matter? "It's going to be fun to be able to see him play in person".

Despite his sentimental ties to his former team, Phillips must still have his defense ready to play at a high level. Lee has been nursing a hamstring injury and hasn't practiced all week - not a good sign. "I think we'll get better in some of the areas that we need to, but we'll find out".

Why not give Cooper the opportunity to prove his worth? Goff's prolific start may regress somewhat over the coming months, but he finally looks like a player worthy of his lofty draft status. Carroll warmed up before Sunday's game but is being held out again after missing the game at the Cardinals. But the word "uniform" also means "not changing in form or character" and you absolutely can not call the Rams jerseys that.

The Rams spent much of the offseason experimenting with right guard Jamon Brown moving to tackle and Havenstein sliding inside before reversing course midway through training camp.

Dak Prescott jumped into the spotlight in his rookie season previous year.

As for Sunday, though - and for any game in the near future for which they're forced to wear their new helmets with their blue jerseys - the Rams will continue to get these kinds of reactions.

Carroll and Awuzie were limited in practice this week.