Eppson Center hosts Community Thanksgiving dinner

Posted November 25, 2017

Community and church came together at Otterbein United Methodist Church as the congregation offered its annual Thanksgiving dinner.

Thursday was her eighth year volunteering at the Thanksgiving Dinner.

"It's about being with friends", said Michelle Vee as she sat with a group of family and friends.

"It's good for them to do this every year", Kuhn said. "Sometimes people just don't have family close, they don't have a enough family to cook a huge meal".

"We just finished the Stand Down so we had to jump from one to the other, but it's all about helping the people", Welling said.

Wheatley said three road patrols and one fire truck delivered the 214 meals.

Pastor Collins said, "growing up in the inner city of Chicago I understood what it was like to have holidays and not have food".

Volunteers such as Medina spent their Thanksgiving helping others and said no one should miss out on the holiday because they cannot afford a meal.

Hundreds of area residents had a special Thanksgiving dinner thanks to the efforts of dozens of volunteers throughout Ashtabula County. "This is what Thanksgiving is for my family", said Keenan Davis.

In 1999, Carol Berridge and her two, daughters Cate and Caren, spent Thanksgiving dinner alone.

"But even here, there's people in need", he said.

"This is a very good meal", she said.

"Last year we served over 400 meals so I expect us to at least be at that number", Taylor said. "With the community's help, we can make their Christmas wishes come true".

For David Indermuehle, delivering Thanksgiving meals has become a tradition.

"I would say congratulations to the community for keeping this dinner going", Cushinberry said this week.

This year, almost 300 people gave thanks for a delicious meal complete with turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls and delicious cake for dessert.

University of Wyoming students Andrea Alzalde and McKenna Malmstrom came out to volunteer, as a way to spend Thanksgiving with members of the community. "We're supposed to go out and help the people and sow the seed for Christ".

This year, more than 70 meals were delivered, which is a far cry from the first year when a single take-out meal was requested.

"We really enjoy it", he said. "Everything falls into place because we're doing it for God and the people in our community".