Cleveland Browns Secure Second 0-16 Season In NFL History

Posted January 13, 2018

Cleveland is now just the second team in National Football League history to record an 0-16 season, joining the 2008 Detroit Lions in the pantheon of all-time miserable National Football League teams.

Owner Jimmy Haslam said on December 3 that Jackson will return for the 2018 season.

Jimmy Haslam waited until the Browns were 0-12 in December before firing Brown and replacing him with John Dorsey, Kansas Citys former general manager, who straightened out the Chiefs. Head coach Hue Jackson is expected to return despite a 1-31 record and the Browns have two of the top four picks in the 2018 draft. The Browns had a competitive game with the Steelers in Week 1, losing 21-18 at home. You can see flashes there at least on the defensive side - the Browns gave up only one 300-yard passing game all season. The defense has been stout against the run, yielding 97.1 yards per game. The Browns went from giving up 4.6 yards a carry in 2016 to just 3.4 yards a carry in 2017. The Browns signed center JC Tretter and right guard Kevin Zeitler in free agency.

Four wild-card games will be played next weekend. The Bears stopped a streak of 90 minutes and 32 seconds by the Vikings without allowing a score when Bryce Callahan returned a punt 59 yards for a touchdown with 5:50 left in the second quarter. The Lions and Browns share the mark for the greatest futility.

The fourth quarter bug bites hit hard again as Corey Coleman dropped another crucial pass. That contributed to meltdowns in the fourth quarter. In 2007, Tomlin rested Roethlisberger and several starters - and the team lost to the Ravens in the finale and to the Jaguars in the wild-card game.

This may have been rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer's best game of his tumultuous first year at the professional level. Haslam also said that he's "delighted" to have Jackson return as coach. He protected the ball poorly, as his league-high 22-interceptions reflect. Kizer has shown enough flashes to earn a shot at competing for the starting job next season. "Like I said, I am just grateful to be given an opportunity to do that". Haslam needs to look in the mirror, and Dorsey needs to steel himself for a fight, because it looks like this franchise is going to have to be dragged kicking and screaming out of the pit of dispair it has been in for so many years. This offensive line - particularly when Joe Thomas is healthy - is too good and talented for this team to not be able to move the ball on the ground with some effectiveness and consistency. But it was one of dozens of failed plays, catches, moments and missed tackles throughout the season of a team that's built to be in rebuilding mode. He said on December 7 Jackson will return as head coach and reaffirmed that commitment after the Browns fell to 0-16. We're 0-16. I know about the parade and everything that's going to be said. Hue Jackson will be back as our coach next year in 2018. Not saying that is going to be the process for DeShone, but I just think it is really early to write him off or really early to say he is "the guy" because I think we all know we are going to continue to add good football players to this team.

The Browns are 1-31 in Jackson's two seasons as head coach.

"When we say we're talented and we're better than 0-16, it's not pointing fingers to a coach. You got to whoop their [butt] like we're supposed to", Mitchell said.

Hue Jackson's voice cracked briefly as he tried to quantify the unquantifiable. I will say that he should feel like he has to coach and get along within this new Browns organization like his job depends on it. Even the Lions managed it after their own 0-16 mess.