Seal Blasts Oprah, Hollywood For 'Sanctimonious' Hypocrisy On Weinstein

Posted January 13, 2018

Remember: It was a 2004 speech that launched the national career of one Barack Obama. Who wouldn't be flattered at widespread suggestions she ought to run for president?

"Yeah, I'll beat Oprah", he told reporters in the the Cabinet Room during a meeting on immigration with members of Congress.

Although she has previously said she has no plans to run for president, sources close to her told CNN she is "actively considering" a campaign in the wake of the Golden Globes. Her speech touched on her upbringing, being raised by a single mother, growing up disenfranchised and how her platform has given her more of a voice. Which brings me to this: What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.

She wrote: "Just saw Oprah's empowering and inspiring speech at last night's #GoldenGlobes".

That's when it dawned on me: the Trump effect goes far beyond the oval office, he's completely reshaped how we view the position of president forever. "I also know that after years of watching the "Oprah Show" you always have the right to change your mind".

Winfrey fared well in one key demographic-52 percent of women backed Winfrey compared to 34 percent for Trump-and registered 56 percent in "very favorable" and "somewhat favorable" categories.

Many took her worlds as a political statement and a subliminal announcement of her possible future in politics.

Sen. Karl Allen, a Greenville attorney, said "having experienced Donald Trump, she would be a breath of fresh air, a bright ray of sunshine".

When Mr Trump discussed a White House run with talk show host Larry King in 1999, he picked Winfrey as his potential running mate.

Oprah Winfrey drew a lot of praise and inspiration from numerous people after a lengthy speech during the Golden Globes event this year. Even our allies have questioned our intentions lately, and that's because at the top, we have division and uncertainty.

"Indeed, the magical thinking fueling the idea of Oprah in 2020 is a worrisome sign about the state of the Democratic Party", wrote New York Times Magazine contributor Thomas Chatterton Williams on Monday. "If we're talking about (Kirsten) Gillibrand or (Elizabeth) Warren in 2020 (for the presidency), that's 2020". Would Oprah even want to put herself through that? Her whole thing going into it was, 'I just want to meet the moment because I know it's going to be a big moment.' Not necessarily for her, but she wanted that to resonate.